All Things New is an old band reborn. Although the group began their career ten years ago, who you see now is not who you saw when they first began. In 2016, as the four-piece prepared for another national tour, three of the band members abruptly stepped down, leaving Garrett Hornbuckle completely blindsided. What Hornbuckle learned was that although the stage offered a platform to amplify God’s goodness, it also offered a platform to amplify his insecurities. His identity was dictated by fame, and the way he lead his band became less about God’s kingdom, and more about his own. The sudden dissolution of the group was staggering, and although Hornbuckle wanted to rid himself of all things music, he’d made commitments he had to keep. The next year was humbling and metamorphic, and it changed the trajectory of his life. All Things New dissolved as a band and transformed into a ministry. Now, years later with a supportive wife and a newborn daughter by his side (and all three former band members rooting him on), Hornbuckle’s investment is in proclaiming the gospel across the nation. He leads worship at various churches, encourages and coaches worship teams, and reminds everyone he can that there’s newness in Christ. When he isn’t singing for a congregation, he’s writing music with a new outlook—to build the only Kingdom that matters.


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grace that changes everything (single)