Asaph's Arrows

Kings Kaleidoscope

Asaph's Arrows

Release Data

  • Cat: #n/a
  • Rel. Date: 02/28/2012
  • Format: EP

Kings Kaleidoscope - Asaph's Arrows

King's Kaleidoscope pays homage to one of the most prolific musicians in the Bible with their EP title, Asaph's Arrows. A short glimpse into the expansive song catalog KK has created, Asaph's Arrows comprises four songs that have stood out among the rest. These songs are, in short, a quiver full of arrows. They fly straight, they pierce the heart, and they demand a response.

King's Kaleidoscope is an indie rock worship band from Seattle, WA. Led by Chad Gardner, the band is made up of about a dozen musicians, including a string trio, a horns section, two drum kits—and definitely a cymbal or two.