The Letter Black


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  • Cat: #TND000024
  • Rel. Date: 11/11/2013
  • Format: Full

The Letter Black - Rebuild

Following up a successful record label debut is tricky business. There's something about a band's sophomore release that truly marks who they'll be moving forward. The Letter Black met success with their 2010 debut Breaking The Silence and have since continued this streak by releasing two EPs and a full-length remix record Hanging On By A Remix. The Letter Black will be releasing their sophomore full-length release on November 11th on Tooth & Nail Records.

Produced by former RED guitarist Jasen Rauch (RED, Disciple, Fireflight) and mixed by David Bendeth (Papa Roach, Paramore, Breaking Benjamin), the new record proves that The Letter Black has grown as a band, but that doesn't mean they've changed. "The first time around, we were new and it was all brand new to us," says vocalist Sarah Anthony. "We weren't really sure what we were doing and it was a whole new experience. This time around we were able to settle in, be more comfortable, and focus on writing songs we like, honing in on what we wanted to say."

The Uniontown, PA natives (currently comprised of vocalist Sarah Anthony, guitarist Mark Anthony, bassist Matt Beal and drummer Justin Brown) burst onto the alternative rock landscape with 2010's "Hanging On By A Thread" - now one of label Tooth & Nail’s top selling debuts in recent memory. It was the follow up to the also successful "Stand," the band's first release from 2007 under the name "Breaking The Silence."

The new album is full of energy-infused, hard-hitting compositions tailored to be showcased in the band's live show and sure to become pillars of their catalog. Guitarist Mark notes of the musical approach, "We did more guitar work on this record than ever before. I'm a huge riff guy, so for me this record was fun because we really got to dive back into the music that we loved: Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Guns N Roses, Metallica. Personally, I hope this grabs people who thought Christian music is lacking like I did."

The Letter Black is ready to solidify their legacy in 2013. Their explosive live show has attracted followers of Skillet, Drowning Pool, P.O.D. and Sevendust. The band has amassed a loyal following in recent years who are hungry for new songs, and those fans can expect more relentless touring in the coming months. "We have very loyal fans," notes Mark. Sarah adds, "They’ve been ready for new music for a while, so we're excited that we're getting this out."