The Good King

Ghost Ship

The Good King

Release Data

  • Cat: #00003
  • Rel. Date: 06/11/2013
  • Format: Full

Ghost Ship - The Good King

Mars Hill Music / BEC Recordings will be releasing the second full-length release from a Mars Hill Music worship band on June 11. The folk-rock worship band will release their full-length album, The Good King, on June 11. Ghost Ship finds its home in the new Mars Hill Downtown building in Seattle. Led by worship leader Cam Huxford, Ghost Ship has been ushering the congregation into worship for two and half years. Comprised of Huxford, Doug Finefrock, Jamison Dewlen, Chae Choi, Shay Carlucci, and Fancy Morales, the septet worships with a rock-folk sound that fosters Huxford’s specialty of scripture-inspired storytelling. They write and lead with the faith that God will be at the center of it all, thus the name of their band. “Ghost Ship” is a reminder that they’re moving by the power of the Holy Ghost, active vessels for the Lord motivated through the Spirit. Check out their full-length release and join Mars Hill Downtown Seattle church in their worship.