Falling Up - Fangs

Produced and mixed by Casey Crescenzo

The Story:
In a land not unlike our own, a city witnessed a strange occurrence- the cloth that the children slept in was weaved in poison golden thread. If the thread had touched the children's skin for much longer, they would be sure to fall into a deep sleep and never wake up. The city spared no time as they hoped to rid of the threads as soon as possible. In there plans, they tied up the threads in a large shoot and attached one thousand arrows on strings to the end of the shoot. Then, with a thousand of their strongest archers, they shot the poison threads up, up, up towards the nearest planet Neptuenn.

A thousand years later...

Screams in the night- The city wakes to find their poor innocent children stuck deep with sharp golden arrows. All of the children lay silently with great arrows sticking out of their bodies. The people assume there must have been poison on the tips of the arrows and in the cities most desperate attempt to find those responsible for this atrocity, they sent out their most ambitious traveler and drifter to search the land. He is an adventurer, he is the hero. But as his attempts to find any answers while traveling the land had failed, he received word from the city that he must board a space craft at the space station Forum A, located on Eoption Island to blast off to the nearest planet Neptuenn. As the first from his planet to journey to this mysterious Neptuenn, he departs in a zealous quest to search for the answer to this great riddle and find help for the sleeping children.

The story of our hero begins as he crash lands into a great sea on this mystic planet called Neptuenn. We follow along on his quest as he embarks to discover the history of the planet, and just like anytime one travels to a distant land, he is shocked to notice just how strange the place that he comes from really is.

This record, along with the introduction, is an account and summary of chapters 1-5 from the book Fangs! adapted from the original screenplay "Neptuenn's Cavern" by Jessy Ribordy.

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Fangs - Album
Fangs - Album
Falling Up