Speak Life

Sev Static

Speak Life

Release Data

  • Cat: #BED39338
  • Rel. Date: 11/19/2002
  • Format: Full

Sev Static - Speak Life

Out of all the Tunnel Rat members, the one that tends to get overlooked the most has to be Sev Statik, who is also a member of the super crew Deepspace 5. It’s somewhat paradoxical to find this to be true because he is one of the most complete emcees in the group and comes with some of the deepest lyrics. Regardless of any of that, Sev Statik gets his turn to flex on the mic with his release “Speak Life.”

What can be said about this album? It’s complete. You get the party style tracks like “Over the Influence” and then you have to put on your thinking cap with tracks like “Meds.” The production is the framework for this work, but the lyrics of Sev Statik are the glue that hold this album together. Each song has intense lyrical wordplay that requires constant repeats to grasp the totality of the message being put across.