Cali Quake


Cali Quake

Release Data

  • Cat: #BED39237
  • Rel. Date: 07/30/2002
  • Format: Full

Raphi - Cali Quake

Simply listening to the intro on this album is enough to get any hip-hop fan excited. Raphi is a great talent and its a bummer that it took him this long to emerge and get on the scene. If you're looking for beats that you can't find anywhere else and that are as cutting edge as those that Dre or Jermaine Dupri would spin outta their studios. Of course "Connect" is an amazing song, but don't let it over shadow others that hit just as hard like "Welcome" or "Rollin' with the Punches". Then Raphi rips it up with a rap-rock hit "It Goes Down".

Towards the end of this album Raphi takes it down a notch. He slows things down and lets us see a more soulful side. "Life Surprises" lets us into Raphi's head, showing us just where he came from. Other slow hip-hop tracks include "Let Go", an almost jazzy "Wiggle" (which features some great piano in the background, something that very few artists could pull off), and "Street Chronicles" which showcases an eletric guitar set to a huge beat.