Sunrise, Sunset

Underground Rise

Sunrise, Sunset

Release Data

  • Cat: #BED40393
  • Rel. Date: 04/22/2003
  • Format: Full

Underground Rise - Sunrise, Sunset

LA-based hip-hop team Tunnelrats bring together friends and counterparts to create a project that collaborates the best of up and coming American Christian rap artists. ‘Sunrise/Sunset’ is the first offering in the trilogy featuring LA Symphony, manCHILD, Remnant, Mass Reality, Propaganda and several others. Amazingly, all of the 19 tracks were recorded over the course of one weekend! Quite a feat by anybody’s standard, so what is the result? We fire up with a great intro track featuring Jamie (wife of New Breed's Macho). Full of very good wordplay that gives the listener a good idea of what to expect in the coming moments. “How We Get Down” opens the flood gates with a collective medley of several artists including Macho/Propaganda/Reconcile/Griffin/Elsie/Sev. You kinda get the feeling that there is a big party going on and everybody is invited! The same spirit translates into every track on the album. Each artist featured has a very individual style to bring to the table and that is demonstrated in full with track's like “Southern Brutality” and “Kick Kick”. Tunnel Rats and LA Symphony get together for the first time to create “One Voice”, a track that will send all underground fans into orbit! Before the lights are turned off, the album finishes in true style with “Remember This Day”. A freestyle session featuring no less than 15 of the represented artists locked in a room together! The result is OUCH! 'Sunrise/Sunset' is a powerful statement made in what is becoming a very diverse hip-hip scene in the States. Though little time was given to record this album it does not compromise the quality of the production or indeed the songs. A great overall feel that will make this hip-hop project a sure classic!