Out of Knowhere


Out of Knowhere

Release Data

  • Cat: #BED42405
  • Rel. Date: 04/08/2003
  • Format: Full

Propaganda - Out of Knowhere

A proud member of the LA-based Tunnel Rats community, also currently a youth minister, Propaganda hits us with his first solo attempt 'Out Of Nowhere'. The album reflects upon the 23 year old’s love and faith in God and also talks about his ministry that he never takes for granted. The songs talk about knowing the straight and narrow path to God and once finding it, keeping on it. The album opens up with a dark and slightly aggressive song called “Keep It Live”. The rhythm moves with a swagger and Propaganda's lyrical style really comes into force. “I Know” is a much more personal song. It talks about knowing who he is with God, knowing his calling and playing down other people's opinions. There are some really good collaborations here too. Propaganda teams up with Sharlock Poems to spit out “We Are”. Along with a mellow, swing beat the lyrics flow with a skip to make this a very infectious song. One track that really stood out for me was “Don't Let Us Lose It”. The backbone consists of a dizzy piano swirling around a lazy break beat and has great poetic bounce. It blew my mind! Propaganda could easily over cook his lyrics, but the dynamics hold together perfectly to make this song outstanding. There's a lot of very interesting ideas going on here with other songs such as “Keep On Singin'” and “Move With Me” and it makes the album very hard to put down. I could find little wrong with this album. Each song has a good lyrical balance, great rhythm and pace that demonstrates how much of a rare talent Propaganda is.