The Noise Inside

Adam Watts

The Noise Inside

Release Data

  • Cat: #BED73055
  • Rel. Date: 11/16/2004
  • Format: Full

Adam Watts - The Noise Inside

With 300 compositions featured on various television and motion picture soundtracks through MTV, TNT, Paramount Pictures, and Disney, a nomination for Singer/Songwriter of the Year for the LA Music Awards, and an EP under his belt, Adam Watts is beginning his career with a slight advantage over others. After his Meaningless Things EP, Adam Watts released his debut album The Noise Inside; although, the album in itself is not "noise" at all but a catchy and unique melody to one's ears.

Joined with BEC recordings (Jeremy Camp, Kutless, OC Supertones), Watts is one exceptional songwriter, producer (Jeremy Camp, the Supertones, Avalon), and singer; in essence a true solo artist. His debut album entitled The Noise Inside, produced by Watts himself, is a distinctively diverse album that is concrete and deeply impressive.

The Noise Inside starts with "Would Be a Loser" and flows into "God of Grace," which is the song that first caught my attention. With a semi-slow pop/rock feeling and personable lyrics - "I need you here, I feel you here, Lord I need you now" - this song stands out among others on the album. "Meaningless Things," is a more upbeat song, while "Rescue Me" is a folk-acoustic song that seems out of place, but yet at the same time very fitting on this diverse album. Lyrically, this album is personable and, at the same time, extremely poetic and prolific.