The Winter of Our Discontent

Echoing Green

The Winter of Our Discontent

Release Data

  • Cat: #BED63570
  • Rel. Date: 12/04/2004
  • Format: Full

Echoing Green - The Winter of Our Discontent

The Echoing Green has established themselves as one of the top American synthpop bands of the last decade, with a long string of albums and extensive touring that has won a large fanbase. "The Winter of Our Discontent" is considered by the band to be a landmark album, blending together all the different styles and structures of synthpop that the band has played through the years. Producer and head-man Joey Belville puts together one of the most emotional and diverse albums you'll hear from The Echoing Green. From clubby futurepop to emotional ballads to catchy pop tunes to melancholy darkwave, it's all here!