It's Later Than It's Ever Been

Smalltown Poets

It's Later Than It's Ever Been

Release Data

  • Cat: #BED93403
  • Rel. Date: 10/19/2004
  • Format: Full

Smalltown Poets - It's Later Than It's Ever Been

It has been almost four years since Smalltown Poets released the critically acclaimed Third Verse, an album that took the band to new heights in its career. Now with a new record label and several new band members, Smalltown Poets is back with It’s Later Than its Ever Been.

The opening track, “The Truth is Out,” makes one wonder if this is the same band we saw in 2000. The sound is edgier and harder than Smalltown Poets has ever been. The random drum solo at the end of “Upside Down,” will also have listeners scratching their heads. There is an almost eerie resemblance to the sound of Jars of Clay throughout the album, and those new to the Christian music scene could easily confuse the two.

Lyrically, Smalltown Poets carries on in their tradition of poignantly expressing messages of faith and hope and trying to make sense out of life. “A New Beginning” expresses the hope one has when God restores his life, and “We Will Continue,” beautifully portrays what it is like to worship Christ. “Love So Divine,” a passionate praise song, closes the album and is one of the most powerful songs on it.