BK & Associates - BK & Associates

So if you're an Ill Harmonics fan then you know who Blake Knight is. If not here's a refresher course. Blake is one half of the accoustic hip-hop duo that is Ill Harmonics and BK & Associates is his semi-solo side project/solo album. So what can you expect from this album? Well, typical of Uprok "Beatmaker Session 1" features a ton of guest appearances, making certain that the continuity of the album gets a little flavor from across the urban sound board. "BS1" has the ever popular accoustic guitar tracks from Ill with some thicker basslines. Bass too thick to be pop, but guitars too light to be hip-hop. This gives Blake Knight a flavor you can't find anywhere else.

If you want something smoother than "Take Two" you've got it. "BS1" features laid back beats that mellow you out. Something to pop in and relax too. Sivion of Phat K.A.T.S. starts the album off with a bluesy tack called "Frisky". Nice jazz guitars here. Then we're off the the typical Ill beats and guitars. Things stay cohesive with Play-Dough (Ill Harmonics other half) on "Babylon Suburbia" and with KJ-52 on "What I Love". Each guest adding his flare to the sound of the song. Other songs to take notice of include "Rhythm to Rhyme" showcasing L.A. Symph, "Melodic Parabolic" with Freddie Bruno (the harmonic on this song mixes it up and takes urban music somewhere new), and "Not That Serious" which is home to John Reu, Scott Bellows ,Bustone, and Nathan Smart.

On the up side: A great album from Uprok hitting a wide variety of who's out on the scene while keeping some Ill Harmonics feel.