Peace 586 - 586

586 is spiritually overt in its lyrical content. The opening track, "586," is Peace 586's response to his absence for the last few years, and gives props (i.e. pays respect) to several other Christian hip-hop acts that are making a difference these days. It also acknowledges the late, great producer/artist Gene Eugene, who mentored Peace 586 and honed his production skills. The album is in fact dedicated to Gene, and the song "You Here" (featuring Sup the Chemist) pays tribute to Gene's friendship and faith. Peace and Sup rap, "You here in the hearts, in the rhymes/ You here, even though you're gone, we know you here." The song "Tru'ndeed" is a simple and effective testimonial to Peace 586's Christian faith, and "itchin" refers to the temptation to follow the sinful ways of the world rather than run the race set before us by Christ. It also alludes to the desire for unbelievers to hitch a ride into the kingdom without coming to know Christ.