The Night We Called It A Day

Deepspace 5

The Night We Called It A Day

Release Data

  • Cat: #BED7466
  • Rel. Date: 11/20/2001
  • Format: Full

Deepspace 5 - The Night We Called It A Day

n 1997, members from underground hip-hop crews the Pride and Labklik, along with solo artist Sev Statik, all hooked up at the 1998 Cruvention gathering to work on some fresh material. Featuring humorous and intellectual rhymes and inspired jams, the result from those insane sessions became the group's first independent release, a five song EP that sparked much interest in the underground hip-hop subculture.

Deepspace5 members:
soul heir the manCHILD
DJ Dust
Sintax the terrific
The Recon
Illtripp 1
Sev Statik
Fred Bruno
The Beat Rabbi
Stu Dent

Pulled from many different areas of the country, the collaborators in deepspace 5 have now synergistically combined their diamond-sharp talents to simply make a great full-length debut album for Uprok. Featuring fifteen tracks of creative and sharp experimental hip-hop, "The Night We Called It A Day" goes beyond the strict song-structures of overly commercial rap albums, expanding into true street art.