.rod laver - In a Perfect World

Think hardcore rock mixed with rap and hip-hop elements (think Incubus meets Kid Rock).

Fans of the underground hardcore rock scene over the last few years are certainly familiar, and most likely in love with .rod Laver. Since joining forces three years ago under the name shared by the famous Australian tennis player, the band has released three independent albums and has seen their concert venues build from small coffee houses to respectable clubs to giant festivals. Perhaps their growth stems from playing nearly two hundred shows a year.

On their major label debut, In a Perfect World, it's clear the band hopes to keep the fans they've always had fervent, while roping in those who may not be familiar with their work. Anyone who knew the .rod Laver of the past can attest to their raw intensity and commanding stage presence. This batch of songs seem like they'll translate to the stage perfectly. In fact, some of their raw kinks have even been ironed out and replaced with a bit of urban influence, thanks in part to the production of Andre Wahl (Project 86, Kittie, Luti-Kriss).

In a Perfect World provides glimpses of excellence within the group's main genre. The fact that .rod Laver lets their soulful influences shine through here and there and then unplug for their final ballad shows a bit more variety than some of their peers. Having that extra bit of artistry can only help drive the band's message home to a demographic eager to hear the hottest heavy sounds.

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So In Love - Album
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