New Breed - Stop the Music

The sheer size of this album is amazing. The hard core, in your face attitude from New Breed is matched only by the tight beats they have behind them. The current single and title track, "Stop the Music", only scratches the surface. With funky guitar, hard hitting deep bass -the album has it's share of feats. Raphi makes an appearance on the straight hip-hop track "Stand", Shihan (husband to Elsie) can be found on the borderline R&B track "Song Speaks", and Theresa Jones on the soulful track "Don't Listen".

Female member Elsie hits her beats hard, she's true and unashamed of whatever it is that she has to get out there. When paired up with her brother Macho, these two are unstopable. 'Stop The Music" will make those subs bounce the car next to you! This is about as hardcore as hip-hop gets in this market.