Hangnail - The Acoustic EP

Hangnail has been playing music together for almost a decade. the members met each other in junior high and decided to enter the school talent show together in december of 1993. they made up the name hangnail just so they would have a name to be listed under in the talent show program. little did they know, they would continue playing music together for the next ten years bearing that name. at that time, the band was a three piece consisting of mike middleton, nick radovanovic, and jacob dosemagen.

After a few years went by and the band became more serious about their music, they decided to add long time friend of the band, matt wendt, to the roster. this has been the line-up ever since. hangnail began to play out more and more during high school and by the end of their senior year they were allotted a spot on the new band showcase stage at the cornerstone festival in bushnell, il. from that point on, the band met a lot of new people within the music industry. after sending out countless demos to record labels and receiving numerous rejection letters in return, the band decided that it would be best to continue on with college plans until something else came up.

After all of the members had attended college for a year and a half and the band was on the verge of non-existence, hangnail was contacted by tooth and nail records and offered a deal. the band accepted and hit the road in january of 2000. hangnail has since been doing a combination of touring and finishing up their college degrees. getting a college education is important to all of the members.

Hangnail has dedicated their career to serving god and giving a message of hope to all that hear their music. the band strives to create original music that will stand up to the toughest critic and will challenge anyone who listens