Flight 180 - Girls and Boys

With Girls & Boys, Flight 180 seems to be back on track by returning to their self-described "chick-rock" sound (think No Doubt with hints of The Go-Go's and Veruca Salt).

"Girls & Boys" opener, "Prom Queen," is a fun rocker (like all the songs on the album) that challenges girls to stop pursuing the temporary things of this world. Similarly, "Little Girl" deals with the low self-esteem caused by society's obsession with outward appearances, while "I Want A Guy" encourages girls to wait for God's timing in finding a mate. "Media Craze" is about using time wisely rather than wasting it on TV and tabloids, and "Boys Will Boys" challenges girls to accept their malecounterparts the way they are—as God's unique creation.

Flight 180 features solid talent and a lot of promise.