Ultrabeat - Trip To A Planet Called Heaven

This is CCM's first Happy Hardcore album. It's created and produced by Swede Erik Augustsson, and is (I think) his second album. There are 11 tracks, only two of which are slower than 140bpm, and the beats are infectious and energetic right from the start. Of course there's a heavy European pop-dance influence, but the large, constantly evolving sounds of rave and trance are also well featured. In fact, many of them have been used before (listen to Hydro's 'Aborigination' CD). The tunes and lyrics are always uplifting, and the message is obvious; "The love of God is in this place", "You have set me free", and " I want this land to get a touch from God". The vocal delivery is not particularly strong, but it's always intelligible, in tune and well mixed. This album has the potential to fit into Christian club events, but you may find that it sounds a little dated. I would have given the project an extra square of two if it appeared a couple of years ago.