Joy Electric - Legacy- Vol. 1: The White Songbook

Think 1980s-styled synthesizer-driven pop, similar to the Pet Shop Boys, New Order, and House of Wires.

Although the title of Joy Electric's latest release may appear to be a greatest hits collection, it's merely their next batch of monophonic analogue synthesizer based dance tunes set to the vocals of group founder Ronnie Martin. Instead, the meaning behind the disc's title Legacy Volume 1 is to "do a series of albums that will represent the best of what I have to offer musically, so hopefully people can look back and view it as my finest work," according to Martin. "The underlying theme of the series is about leaving something meaningful behind in life, that will hopefully have an affect on people around you, however great or small."

There's no doubt that Joy Electric has been able to connect with fans of their niche genre since they began in the mid-1990s. In fact groups like Joy Electric, and their peers in the Christian industry like House of Wires, Norway, and Goodnight Star are providing fans of electronic music a hearty alternative to groups like Erasure, The Pet Shop Boys, and New Order. Joy Electric is best known for their exuberant hits "Drum Machine Joy," "Monosynth," and "Sugar Rush."

The project is divided into four sections, or "chapters" as the liner notes point out, keeping with book theme.