MG! The Visionary


Release Data

  • Cat: #BED7435
  • Rel. Date: 03/28/2000
  • Format: Full

MG! The Visionary - Transparemcee

MG! The Visionary delivers a powerful message of intelligent lyrics over intricate beats which is proof that Christian music can compete with the mainstream. Transparemcee is filled with punch and loaded with talent. The intro grabs hold with mad vocals backed by a hardcore rhythm that leaves you wanting more. 'U-trip' fulfills that want for more of the rhythmic vocals along with straightforward lyrics, speaking the truth of God.

Hardcore rap is not the only thing on the album. The Visionary shows his talent on a few songs throughout the album. 'Seeds' is a great song that mixes delicate rapping with harmonies on the chorus that complete the song with a great feel. During a time period filled with boy bands singing love songs filled with innuendoes and vulgarity, 'Let's Cruise' is a great alternative, a true love song. A catchy chorus with lyrically intelligent verses about the love he has for his wife and how important it is to keep God involved in the relationship is very uplifting.

Diversity is found through the whole album, from slow rap to rap with a Latin guitar, or bagpipes in the background, Transparemcee keeps listeners interested.