Joy Electric - Unelectric

So what happens when a band renowned for being totally '80s synth pop influenced and with a huge debt to early '80s Techno/Kraftwerk-style pop decide to strip it down, simplify and go "acoustic"? It's actually pretty radical because there's still rhythm tracks but instead of swathes of synths you get a single keyboard/piano sound and Bob Moon's voice and some string sounds thrown in to give it some atmosphere but compared to the original versions, this is quite a departure. The fact that it works means that some critics are going to have to re-evaluate their assumptions about Ronnie Martin's songwriting since this proves that there's a great deal of substance hiding behind the previous full production. It's fun hearing classics like "Sugar Rush", "The Cobbler" and "The Girl From Rosewood Lane" reworked alongside a couple of new songs "These Should Be The Good Times" and "Losing Touch With Everyone".