The Dingees - Sundown to Midnight

Produced by Steve Kravac (drums/percussion), 'Sundown To Midnight' is a wild mixture of musical references, comprised of funk, reggae, ska, punk ad even hard-core. Featuring Dave Chevalier (ex- Supertones) on sax and shared vocal duties with Pegleg. The Dingees have come up with an album bristling with musical excellence with enough diversity of both style and sound to appeal to a wide range of music lovers. Stand out tracks have to be the laid back groove of 'New Route' and 'Can't Trust No Man', the hard-core mood and tone of 'Staff Sgt Skreba' and the blistering pop punk of the albums opening cut 'Rally-O'. The only questionable track on the entire album is the closing acoustic number 'You In My Hear', but not even this is enough to mar what is truly an outstanding album.