The Holding

Sarah Masen

The Holding

Release Data

  • Cat: #BEC7421
  • Rel. Date: 11/16/1999
  • Format: Full

Sarah Masen - The Holding

The Holdings display the potential that has become the "modern" Sarah Masen, and reveal the personal struggles of this aspiring artist.

There are two songs in particular which are gems in the rough. Uncovered is reminiscent of All Fall Down from her first re:think release. It is a call, a plea, to God for forgiveness, again. It is the picture of the person who, finally acknowledging their incapability to resist temptation, has turned to God and given over their burden of guilt. The lyrics show a depth of knowledge that is beyond most 19-year-olds, but one which Masen caries well.

The second gem is Silence, an upbeat pop song whose tempo belies the underlying theme: that trusting God in the silent times can be difficult, even painful, but is necessary. As she sings, "I'm crying more than trusting that you hold everything in Your strong hand." And later, "my mind begins to wander from all that you said and I begin to drown in my despair/ about that time you pull me out and show me what was really/ and the music starts again."