Flight 180 - Crackerjack

Flight 180's debut album, produced and recorded by Gene Eugene in his Green Room Studios and released on BEC Recordings in 1998. Whatever you call them, this nine-member ensemble plays ska, featuring dueling female lead vocals, so the band sounds like the Go-Go's with horns, or a cross between The Halo Friendlies and The W's. Featuring snarky Japanese cartoon artwork, fans of The Supertones, Five Iron Frenzy and The Insyderz will also go ska-razy over this. Songs include: 'Cool World,' 'Tick Tock,' 'Vacation,' 'When We First Dated,' 'Sally,' 'Wait,' 'Slacking,' '405,' 'Lost In A Haze,' 'Bittersweet,' 'Just Like You,' 'By My Side,' 'Sleepless Nights' and 'Without A Thought.'