No Doy!

Pep Squad

No Doy!

Release Data

  • Cat: #BED7407
  • Rel. Date: 02/24/1998
  • Format: Full

Pep Squad - No Doy!

Pep Squad offer yet another welcomed alternative to the entourage of squeaky clean productions that have bombarded the music scene on the macro level; 'No Doy' is raw and in your face. Produced by Chris Colbert, the album was recorded at the famous Green Room, owned by legendary 'alternative music maestro' Gene Eugine (Adam Again/The Lost Dogs). In spite of all the welcomed trade marks - well produced, arranged and deftly executed - the message of 'No Doy' is somewhat of a mystery. In this case, the album's cover stands as a clue lo what lies within: obscure!