The Dingees - Armageddon Massive

Popular in the States, the dingees have three distinct musical personas - fast and furious blend of post punk in Green Day/MxPx mould and one of the most JA-sounding brands of ska to emerge from America's white boys (catch the sinuous instrumental 'Betrayal' with its glorious horn ensemble work) and some Marley-style reggae. Lyrics are angry and excellent, largely about a youth culture careering out of control ("Pop culture there went my train/One more shot like that could blow the whole mainframe/Too much worthless information inside my head/Pop culture, stop before I lose my mind") though with all the apocalyptic imagery there's little that puts Jesus in the centre of the chaos. Some solid bass playing, a vocalist that does a credible version of Clash's Joe Strummer aggression and tight production. I expect they'd be electrifying live.