Fold Zandura


Release Data

  • Cat: #BED7403
  • Rel. Date: 10/21/1997
  • Format: Full

Fold Zandura - Ultraforever

Ultraforever built on that concept, making every aspect of relationships analogous to a broader spiritual reality. The album expresses unquenchable romance, fueled by a vigorous life-force that refuses to be thwarted by temporal setbacks. In the New Testament is a verse that begins, "Unto the pure all things are pure..." and that appears to have been Xhan's guiding principle for this album. The list of inspirations for Ultraforever includes such diverse names as C.S. Lewis, Ernest Hemingway, The Verve, Rachmaninoff, Akira Kurosawa, Walt Disney, Ranma 1/2, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. There seemed to be confidence in the sanctifying power of music towards all things beautiful.