Hearts of the Innocent


Hearts of the Innocent

Release Data

  • Cat: #BED73906
  • Rel. Date: 03/21/2006
  • Format: Full

Kutless - Hearts of the Innocent

Once the listener gets beyond the pile-driving guitar work and hooky lyrics, at the core of Kutless¹ new release, ³Hearts of the Innocent², is an anthem calling on a generation of believers to be strong! The band and producer Aaron Sprinkle¹s (Strong Tower, Sea of Faces) vision for this release was make a harder record than the band¹s first three, while still maintaining the bands signature sound that both RADIO (multiple CHR/ROCK/ AC #1 singles) and their core fan (over half a million units) have fallen in love with for the past three years. Whether creating a ROCK/PRAISE release (Strong Tower, 2005), a POP/POCK release (Sea Of Faces, 2004), or EDGER/ROCK release (Kutless, 2002 & Hearts Of The Innocent, 2006), Kutless message and music has be a consistent and bold blast thru the static in an ever changing music scene.

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