Mainstay - Well Meaning Fiction

For the better part of the past half-decade, members of the modern rock trio Mainstay knew they wanted to pursue a balance of artistry and ministry as their lifelong passion. After coming together as a punk outlet in members’ suburban Minnesota garages and refining its sound to a more sophisticated alternative style come college in Minneapolis, the gang amassed a sizable audience and considerable record label interest.

The new CD features grinding guitars and ethereal piano nuances throughout. “Mirrors,” a track about turning away from the emptiness of the world and filling in the gaps with faith that penetrates much deeper than temporary remedy. The momentum building “Yesterday” attempts to curb listeners out of longing for pointless nostalgia in favor of seizing each new day in Christ, while the speedy guitars and harmonies throughout “This Could Be” serves as an anti-stress out anthem of spiritual sustenance. Then there’s the riveting “Take Away,” a lushly brimming ballad about the sovereignty of God and His ability to transform people’s hearts away from humanity’s sinful state.