Release Data

  • Cat: #BED54151
  • Rel. Date: 05/02/2006
  • Format: Full

KJ-52 - Remixed

  1. Fivetweezy (disco mania remix)
  2. Revenge Of The Nerds (horns a plenty remix)
  3. Dear Slim Pt. 2 (true story remix)
  4. 47 Emcees (plus 18 more remix)
  5. I Can Call on You (piano love remix)
  6. Are You Real? (oregon trail remix)
  7. Jesus (reggaeton remix)
  8. Plain White Rapper (kalimba remix)
  9. Rock With It (eat to the beat lunch mix remix)
  10. Mullet Pride (country krunk remix)
  11. For The Ladies (soulvibe remix)
  12. Things I Like (timbojones remix)
  13. Washed Up (doubletime remix)
  14. Run For Cover
  15. Napoleon Dynamite

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