Hawk Nelson...Is My Friend.

Hawk Nelson

Hawk Nelson...Is My Friend.

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  • Cat: #BED94185
  • Rel. Date: 04/01/2008
  • Format: Full

Hawk Nelson - Hawk Nelson...Is My Friend.

Produced and mixed by David Bendeth (except "Somebody Else," and "I Still Miss You" produced by Steve Wilsonand mixed by JR McNeely.
All arrangements by Hawk Nelson and David Bendeth
Engineer, Digital Editing, Mix Engineer: Dan Korneff
Engineer, Digital Editing: Kato Khandwala
Engineer, Additional Vocal Production, Digital Editing: John Bender
Digital Editing: Jon D'uva
Assistant: Kyle Cadena, Anthony Fontanana, John Tomaszewki
Additional BGVS: John Bender, Walt Lafty
Additional Guitar: Nick Perry
Recorded at House of Loud Studios, New Jersey (except "Somebody Else" and "I Still Miss You" recorded at Flicklight Recording Co., mixed at Elm South Studios)
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound

Executive Producer: Brandon Ebel
Art Direction: Invisible Creature
Illustration & Design: Don Clark for Invisible Creature
Band Photography: Jeremy Cowart & Neil Visel

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