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Welcome Shuree to the BEC Family

We are excited to announce a new addition to our roster with the signing of female pop artist Shuree. The Chicago-based artist’s label debut “Be The Change” will be releasing this fall. Shuree’s music is geared ...


POSTED: 04/10/07

KJ-52's The Yearbook Is In Stores TODAY!!

The Yearbook is out and ready for your listening pleasure. Get ready to jam out to tunes that will bow your mind...KJ busts out his best album yet...with hit songs like "Wake Up," "Do Yo Thang," "Daddy's Girl," "Take Every part Of Me," and SOOOO many more. Also featuring guest artist Toby Morell of Emery, Liquid, Ayiesha Woods, and more. KJ definitely out did himself on this one. Proof in the fact that there are 19...that's right, 19 songs on this album!!

"When I think of a yearbook I think of it as a snapshot of what has happened in my life for the last year: the pictures, the friends, the situations or the circumstances that have effected my life for that moment in time," comments KJ. "As I began to work on this from a musical and an artistic standpoint, I found myself going back through the last year and drawing from the experiences that I dealt with and using that as the foundation to write this new lp."

The album still has the fun, goofy party aspects that people love and expect from a KJ record but also addresses many serious issues that people face on a daily basis.

"I can honestly say that it's my finest work to date. My prayer is that the listener will feel the same.”

Make sure you get your copy!!! This album is a 2007 MUST HAVE! Check out the Purchase links today

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