POSTED: 05/13/08

Seventh Day Slumber To Host Live Updates VIA Myspace!!

After six top ten R&R Christian Rock singles, four No. 1 Rock hits, three R&R Christian CHR top five hits, a BMI Award and Dove nominations, Seventh Day Slumber has recorded Spanish versions of their hits from their past three albums in one special release entitled "Rescatame." This album will bring Seventh Day Slumber's music and message to the Hispanic community in which lead singer, Joseph Rojas, was born.

Seventh Day Slumber was deeply honored when Latin Grammy-award winning writer and producer, Soraya, contributed her translation and production talents to this album. Soraya had been moved by the lyrical content of Seventh Day Slumber's No. 1 hit "Caroline" ("Carolina" in Spanish). Her work on that song was completed just prior to her untimely death from breast cancer. "Carolina," which speaks of how beautiful each of us is in God's eyes, is dedicated to her memory.

In addition to Soraya, Argentina singer Pablo Oliveras makes a guest appearance on "On My Way Home." Pablo is known as the most popular Christian Rock artist in Latin American with several No. 1 hits and multiple Latin Grammy and Dove Award nominations.

"Rescatamé" means "Rescue Me," a sentiment that captures the lyrical content of SDS' songs, which talk about the healing power of Christ who delivered lead singer/writer, Joseph Rojas, from a life on the street stealing, dealing, and doing drugs. This is a part of the inspiring testimony that SDS is known for and that fans have come to be encouraged.

In terms of both lifting up the Lord and reaching out to others, "Rescatame" is stocked solid with ten gripping songs. Issues relating to Rojas' recovery are plentiful, as are references to being born again (brought first hand by Fryoux) a look at divorce and rebellion (contributed by Holderfield) and a commitment to sexual purity (conveyed by Schwartz). Such scenarios are steeped in reality, but also intertwined with a tangible hopefulness that promises peace when truly surrendering over a life of sin.

"The fact of the matter is there are kids we talk to every day that want to end their lives, just like I did at one point, because their struggle is so great," Rojas relays. "We're trying to point them toward the truth and we're not afraid to lay ourselves on the line in these songs in order to do that."

The spirit of "Rescatame" is also at work in Joseph Rojas' ministry to those struggling with personal crisis through his helpline, Teenhopeline. An ordained minister, SDS lead singer Joseph Rojas is also the head of Teenhopeline. Teenhopeline Inc. strives to impact young people through relevant music, powerful testimonies and personal interaction. It operates a 24/7 cyber radio station broadcasting, and also a three hour syndicated broadcast show that airs on FM stations across North America. also operates a one-on-one chat helpline, which has reached out to hundreds of thousands of students, giving young people counsel, preventing suicides. In 2007 alone, the helpline brought 7,000 students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Beginning next week, May 19 at 8 pm CST, and every Monday following, Seventh Day Slumber will be hosting a live broadcast on their MySpace. The band will communicate live with their fans updating them on new tour dates, upcoming recordings and other happenings.

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