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New Kutless Album "Glory" Out Now

Kutless has released their eighth studio album "Glory" today! The album features the singles "You Alone," "Rest," "Never Too Late," and "In The City." The album is available for purchase at: iTunes Amazon Target Wa...


POSTED: 06/17/08

Kutless Reviews Coming In

With just one week away from the release of Kutless' "To Know That You're Alive", great reviews are coming in already! The new album is in stores and online Tuesday, June 24th, 2008!

"To Know That You’re Alive" is without a doubt one of Kutless’ strongest releases, and could easily render itself candidate for Album of the Year. One of the album’s strong points is that it remains versatile to both heavier and more melodic tracks, and with that said, the future seems nothing but positive, and “To Know You’re Alive” will expectedly be well received by both fans and critics alike. - The Christian Manifesto

“The Feeling” and the title track are hot from the top, releasing strain after strain of pure alt-rock energy and hooky choruses. “Dying To Become” is Kutless’ most experimental expression to date segueing beautifully into “You,” the album’s closing chorus of simple praise—a perfect showcase for lead singer Jon Micah Sumrall’s clear-cutting vocal.... In fact, it is Kutless’ impressive balance of hard-hitting wall-to-wall sound and keen pop sensibility that generates access for a broader base of music fans and achieves its multi-format radio success." - CMCentral.com

“The Feeling” starts the album off with a bang! It’s one of the hardest songs musically/vocally that the band has attempted. Jon Micah Sumrall’s lyrics reminisce those of a 80’s or 90’s metal band. Quickly following is “Sleeping City” it’s an interesting transition from the fast-paced rocker to mid-tempo musical interlude, but it worked out. Title track “To know That You’re Alive” is next and brings us a new version of the old Kutless sound. It’s one of the finer tracks on the record, and is worth a listen!" - Music Faith

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