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Welcoming Among The Thirsty to the BEC Recordings Family!

Today we're proud to announce a new addition to our roster with the signing of Florida natives Among the Thirsty. The band will release their debut radio single, “What Love Looks Like,” on February 14. Click here...


POSTED: 03/05/13

Manafest Announces "Fighter" Book



I’m super excited to announce that my book “Fighter” is finally done.
I’ve been working on it for over 1.5 years at home and on tour.

I don’t know about you, but I love books. I could point to different books in my library and tell you how they changed my life. With music I only have a few minutes in a song to share my heart, and sometimes even less after a show.
So with “Fighter” I thought I could really give you more of me.

By pledging, you’ll have a chance to come behind-the-scenes and be a part of how the creation process unfolds. Your pledge opens up that door and takes you inside of the book’s words and pages.

Check out the list of items to the right that you can also enjoy.

In sharing in this story of “Fighter,” we’ll also be helping out World Vision, with a portion of your pledges going to them.

This book has been a long time in the making and I’m stoked for you to be apart of it in this unique way.

I can’t thank all my fans enough! This is for you!


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