POSTED: 01/04/11

Update On The Glorious Unseen

The Glorious Unseen and their frontman Ben Crist has sent out a letter to family, friends and fans about a new season in his life. We wanted to make sure to share this news from the letter. We are excited to see what God does in Ben’s life and praying for his new chapter.

Friends – many of you already know about this, but there are some of you that do not know yet. This Wednesday, I am officially moving to Kansas City, MO – to be involved at the International House of Prayer (IHOP). Most of you know that I have been out there this past fall, involved in an internship. During this internship – God has massively and violently apprehended my heart, and called me forward into a completely new season of life. What this new season holds, I do not really know – and yet it is completely exhilarating to discover that God has given me “a completely new start in life” at age 30. By age 30, I know most people are already pretty rooted in a career, a marriage, kids, bills, and all of the concerns of life. I have had some of these things in the past – but somehow find myself here with none of these things to hold me back from picking up and moving anywhere in the world that God wants me to be.

And Ben also touches on what will happen with The Glorious Unseen, which for now is on hold.

For now, he has called me to simply lay it down before him. I actually had to cancel several large events we were scheduled to play in 2011 – cause He has asked me to boldly step forward into the next phase of life – and be done with the old. Instead of touring, I am simply committing to a life of prayer, fasting, and meditation on scripture –

CLICK HERE to read the complete letter.

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