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7eventh Time Down Releases "God Is On The Move"

7eventh Time Down has released their new album 'God Is On The Move' today! The album features the band's current single "Promises," playing on Christian radio stations all across the country. Be sure to call your local C...


POSTED: 06/10/10

Rapture Ruckus Moving Up The Charts!

Congrats to Rapture Ruckus on his US debut self-titled album charting at #16 on the Christian iTunes chart - AND #1 in New Zealand iTunes HipHop, #6 New Zealand main! Head on over to iTunes or Amazon MP3 and download your copy today! Less than $5!!

Also, be sure to enter the "Bring The Ruckus" contest today! Grand Prize winner gets: free show at their church, rugby ball (NZ national sport), pineapple lumps (RR's fav candy), weetbix (RR's fav breakfast cereal), marmite (weird NZ stuff you spread on toast), t-shirts, caps, RR drumsticks, and the new album "Rapture Ruckus." ENTER NOW!!

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