POSTED: 03/30/05

A word from Kutless!

Yo,Yo,Yo! We are in Conway Arkansas today; it’s the last day of tour and faces are long. (y’know…..”why the long face?”) The Strong Tower Tour has gone really well, and we’ve enjoyed having Stellar Kart and Barlow Girl on the road with us. Jeff is especially proud of the fact that he persuaded the other drummers to start playing the same sticks and heads as he does (Lauren Barlow & Jordan Messer).

We also heckled Lauren enough to convince her to get bigger hi-hat cymbals! We’re good hecklers! Yesterday we played in Tulsa Oklahoma at an ATF (Acquire the Fire) event, and I had such a rad day! Lot’s of cool things happened to me.

I went to Guitar Center, and got to meet one of the people that I learned to play guitar from. I started playing guitar about ten years ago, and I was really into a lot of SoCal punk rock…..and yesterday I got to meet Stephen Egerton, guitarist for legendary punk band The Descendents. Many of you Tooth & Nail experts might recognize his name from producing such bands as Dogwood, Element 101, and the O.C. Supertones live record.

Then, later that night, my wife and I were walking to get dinner close to our hotel, and we met a young man that had attended ATF earlier that day. He told me that he recognized me from stage, and that he had really enjoyed our show.

He then told me that he had given his life to Jesus that day and that he had quit his gang! (he was a member of the Crips) I was sooooo stoked! Then, while at dinner at an Italian restaurant, I ordered a salad that was served to me with a pepperoncini on top of it. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love hot stuff… I chomped right into it and the juice shot right up my nose. Owwwwwww! It hurt so bad! My wife was like “blow your nose into your napkin!” And because I’m a good husband, I listened to her. Good news: the pepper is okay. Bad news: blowing my nose didn’t help at all!

Can’t wait to see all of you as we tour around some more. Our tour with Hawk Nelson, Audio Adrenaline, and Toby Mac starts in like a week and a half. Get your tickets early, and check our tour link to see if we’re coming to a town near you. Come prepared to rock! Yoshua Adon!

Rockin from Conway,

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