POSTED: 07/07/05

From Kutless on the road...

Dear, sweet Kutless kids,

Well, as always, something new is happening in the wonderful land of Kutless. We recently had a long week off and I got to spend it with my fiance and her family in Texas. While I was busy charming the parents and trying desperately to convince her that I'm not a complete loser, the other boys were maxin and relaxin in Portland, Or. You may know it by "the promised land." You think we would use time off to practice or work on new songs together but it never quite seems to happen. Maybe that would be a good idea, i'll tell the guys.

So, they're at home, I'm homeless and we all managed to get our
bearings and hit the road again. We flew to Nashville this last Wednesday to catch a bus and drive that night to Ohio for the famous Alive Fest, always a good show. If you ever make it, try the homemade ice cream near the main stage. Sweet mercy, it was good. We got to see the toby mac crew yet again and they're always a sight for sore eyes, mostly due to allergies. You can laugh, that was funny.

Next was North Carolina for a show at the Paramount Theme
Park. it was there we spent time with Mr. J Camp, his lovely wife and there young Camp baby Isabella, Stellar Kart and I met Mac from Third Day. Nice guy, great beard. Jeff and I took off for the day with some friends from the area, Matt, Laura and Max their 180lb great dane. It was like looking at a chihuahua through a huge magnifying glass. Needless to say, Jeff and I left with enough dirt and hair on our clothes to make you think we took 1st and 2nd in a local rodeo.

Finally the weekend left us in the great state of New York and
about 10 minutes from my parents house for our last show of the weekend. The whole front row was made up entirely of my family and the youth group I was leading two years ago.

Now, I'm hanging out with my family, Jeff and Mega-N, the fiance, spending time in New York City and building my parents a fire pit in the back yard. Always a good time. So, there it is.

Thanks for the support and keep loving God and His will for your life. He wants to take you places you can't imagine. (this is where that song comes in...." I Can Only Imagine") haha

See ya - Dave

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