POSTED: 03/30/10


I never understood when people would say to me there isn’t enough time in the day.. now after finishing writing, recording a new record, plan marketing, running the label in Canada, co-ordinating the street team, booking the tour, going on the tour, and practicing with the band.. I now understand…..

But who cares because West 49 & C1rca just hooked me up with a bunch more free clothes.. these new C1rca shoes are sick!! One of them is a collab with Rob Dyer from Skate 4 Cancer, and they have clear green gel soles.. the other pair I think I’m going to rock in the new video for “Fire in the Kitchen” or “Avalanche” depends which one we shoot first..

I’m in Whitehorse right now with my hot wife, we woke up at 4:30am to catch the shuttle to the airport, and I thought the driver was going to kill us he drove so fast….

We ate some food in the Maple Leaf lounge, she checked some fashion mags I sent some emails and sipped tea.. 6 hours later we landed in the Great White North (Whitehorse), which was surprisingly not nearly as cold as I thought it would have been.

I speak and perform at 2 school assemblies tomorrow and then rock a concert in the evening at Porter Creek High School. I’m not much of a meat eater, but in the hotel restaurant I ordered this Bison Beef stew, it was pretty incredible.

On Wednesday we drive about 15 hours North to Inuvik which has no trees, and should be around -33 degrees Celsius… I will send pictures & Video for sure.. the most secluded place I will probably ever perform unless I get a show in the Amazon jungle.. which could possibly happen…
So “The Chase” is out now!

New Music Video for No Plan B:

That’s it folks.. thanks to all my fans and those supporting me.. the response from the new record has been awesome, please tell all your friends and spread the word..


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