POSTED: 03/27/09

Video Devo #28: "Not of this world.."

What up?

I'm getting ready to head on a trip to Haiti w/ compassion International and this came to mind as I was packing...

John 15:19 runs this down and explains how we're not of this world... Read More
POSTED: 02/27/09

Video devo #27: "Dirty couch?"

Here is a video devo as I rode the escalator in the Atlanta airport killing time... Matt. 23:27 runs it down.. Read More
POSTED: 01/16/09

Remix the Remix Contest! (Video)

OK People!!

Here is your chance to show the world your skills on the mic and on the beats. Write and record a 16 bar verse with any of the tracks given or remix any of the accapellas with your ... Read More
POSTED: 12/23/08

Video devo #17: Let the past go!

Lines in the eyebrows are cool in 88' not in 08'... 2 Corinth 5:17 breaks this down... (and don't laugh @ the lines..) Read More
POSTED: 12/05/08

Stuck in the 80's Video Blog!

KJ-52's video updates from the music video set for "Stuck in the 80's"

More KJ-52 vodcast videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/52television

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video... Read More
POSTED: 12/01/08

Video devo #15: "Get rid of the stank..."

What up yall? Here is video devo running down the dangers of a neglected microwaved chicken and a microwave... :) Matt. 5:30 -tweezy Read More
POSTED: 11/21/08

Video Devo #13: "LIke Father like son"

Hey yall... sorry for missing last week.. here is a video devo based on something I saw last week on stage.. Check out John 1:12-13 for the background scripture on it! God bless.. Read More
POSTED: 11/14/08

Video devo #13: "Brace yourself.."

Sprained ankles = not fun... find out how that happened to me along w/ how I Corith. 16: 13 relates to that...
-tweezy Read More
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