Jeremy Camp

POSTED: 09/10/08

Universal Studios Fun Times with Jeremy Camp

At universal getting ready to ride Jaws... Randy is a little scared and Jacob confused:)

That was close!!

I was a little bummed he couldn't fly! Sorry about the quality:) Read More
POSTED: 09/10/08

Bella in preschool

I can't believe it!!! Crazy!! This is her devotion class.. It's awesome.. They sing worship songs and have scriptures before the day starts... I think I'm tearing up now:) How time flys by so fast. Ma... Read More
POSTED: 09/10/08

Jerem Camp in Kansas City

Live video from Jeremy Camp: Read More
POSTED: 09/10/08


My first time signing a stuffed pink flamingo:) In Kansas City playing at Rock the Light. STOKED!!!! I'm ready to play!! Read More
POSTED: 08/22/08

In Puerto at el Yuque rainforest

This has been an amazing day! Here is a little peek of what we saw today. Wow!! We play Saturday and can't wait. Oh by the way... The album is completely done and mastered!!!! Thank you Lord!!! Read More
POSTED: 08/22/08

3 New YouTube Video Updates from Jeremy Camp!

Jeremy Camp has been busy traveling the country this summer meeting fans and playing for thousands. Check out the latest video updates from the road. Read More
POSTED: 08/15/08

Random photo from Jeremy Camp's iPhone!

If you can't tell what this is it's a mountain lion attacking a mountain goat... And we're in the airport. I've never seen this in an airport soooo just wanted you to see it as well:) Read More
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