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POSTED: 11/21/08

Proof of static electricity!!

I just had to send this photo.. Ari was playing and this is what happened!! Much love to you guys (sent from iPhone) Read More
POSTED: 11/14/08

500 down.. 500 to go!

Here I am signing 1000 cd covers for the release!! It's actually been fun.. Besides the few cramps in the hand involved:) Read More
POSTED: 11/14/08

Album is almost out!!

Wow! Im sitting here at home and am blown away how quick this year has gone by. Just thinking of all the amazing things that have happened. Let me see..... Bella asking Jesus into her heart and going ... Read More
POSTED: 11/14/08

The rainforest has huge frogs!!

Ok we're not in the rainforest :) but we are in Cincinnati visitng friends. Ari and Bella are waiting for the frogs to turn into a prince. Read More
POSTED: 11/03/08

This is the last day to early vote

I'm at the library standing in line to vote.. Thought i'd say hi:)

Sent from my iPhone Read More
POSTED: 10/30/08

Speaking Louder Than Before Video Shoot - Behind the Scenes!

Here are some pictures and videos from my recent music video shoot for "Speaking Louder Than Before" from the new album! Read More
POSTED: 10/07/08

Jeremy Camp performs There Will Be A Day live for the first time in the US!

Watch Jeremy Camp perform his new single, "There Will Be A Day" live for the first time in America! The song has been the fastest moving song on Christian radio charts and you can buy the single at i... Read More
POSTED: 10/02/08

Playing the Wii for bday party

Bella's birthday party was today and here are pictures of her and Ari playing Wii tennis. Ari is tottally into it:) Read More
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