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POSTED: 12/08/08

Me and bella on a ride at Sea World

We're having some family fun at Sea World. It's the first time the
girls have gone and they love it!!! I was a little terrified of the
Elmo ride but Bella helped me get through it! - Sent from my iP... Read More
POSTED: 12/05/08

My little traveler!

She's got the traveling thing down already:) Thank you guys once again for being such a huuuuge blessing to me and my family. We appreciate you all more than you will ever know. Keep pressing on my fr... Read More
POSTED: 12/01/08

My dad trying to hunt on thanksgiving

Ummmm... I think the trash can got in the way:) Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! I'm sooooo thankful for each an every one of you! Love you guys. Read More
POSTED: 12/01/08

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Hey guys, Matt here writing on Jeremys blog......wanted to wish you guys happy Thanksgiving!!! Also wanted to make sure you went and checked out sometime this week we... Read More
POSTED: 11/21/08

VIDEO: Speaking Louder Than Before Video Contest!

Make a video about how you are speaking louder than before in your world! Watch this video to learn more! Read More
POSTED: 11/21/08

Ever seen A Christmas Story?

There is a little boy in the movie that gets bundled up and can barley walk... Well... This is what happened to Arianne:) They have this Grinch Christmas ice sculpture museum type thing at Opry mills ... Read More
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