Jeremy Camp

POSTED: 03/27/09

Day off before Seattle - Video Blog

Day off before Seattle - Video Blog Read More
POSTED: 02/27/09

I didn't realize how boring I was

We were on our way up to Indiana and I think I bored Arianne to sleep. I see the stages... First, the hand on the chin, then the hand slipping up the face on the cheek, till finally sound asleep:) We ... Read More
POSTED: 02/27/09

Punk'd (Video)

a little prank.. Read More
POSTED: 02/27/09

Amazing Picture!

Come on. Now that is beautiful. Little Bella looking out into the ocean while holding a flower! I know, I know, but all I have is girls right now... I can't play football.. I don't have a boy yet! Read More
POSTED: 02/27/09

We be hangin' (Video)

some random conversation before a show in South Dakota... Luckily we had nice weather. Read More
POSTED: 02/09/09

Speaking Louder Ministries

Sooooooo, this weekend was AMAZING up on the Great White North tour, well, that is what we where calling it. We went to Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and Fargo. The crowds where amazing, the shows and we... Read More
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