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POSTED: 08/20/10

Mexico Mission Trip!

We had an amazing time in Mexico. We made some great new friends at the YWAM base and it was so great to see how the Lord is using them to reach out into the community in Mazatlan. (Thank you guys again for everything!)

One of the things they do is go into the communities and build houses for them - definitely something we want to go back and do and hopefully with the band next time.

The girls had so much fun handing out silly bands and making friends. We visited an orphanage (also with special needs kids) and Jeremy played soccer and we sang some songs for them. There is a little boy "Carlitos" who would not let Jimmy put him down... Super cute! He had a twin brother, who was just as cute as him, although he couldn't walk or talk.

We also visited a VBS type thing and played games, sang more songs and met a wonderful (and tiny) lady who was 90 yrs old and still full of life. With no hesitation at all, she pulled out the only two chairs she had and welcomed us into her little home.

Adie would have snuck them all in her bag and taken them home if she could. ;)

It was very refreshing to have some down time with our family too.

There's a lot, so here goes!

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