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POSTED: 02/09/09

Speaking Louder Ministries

Sooooooo, this weekend was AMAZING up on the Great White North tour, well, that is what we where calling it. We went to Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and Fargo. The crowds where amazing, the shows and we started our Speaking Louder Ministries this weekend. The response was overwhelming. On Thursday in Sioux Falls we went to McCrossan Boys Ranch and I spoke to 60 boys there that range from the age of 10-17 years old. They let me share my testimony and answer questions about music and a lot of other things. At the show we asked for people coming to bring winter clothes for them, and that they did! Was amazing response that night. The next day we went to Minneapolis and the ministry that day was the Minneapolis Childrens Hospital. The band and I went over and met kids and their families, I even got to play some songs which was so amazing to see the smiles on their faces. The thing we asked the community to bring to the show was Valentines Day cards for the kids, So, the weeks leading up to the show, KTIS (great stations and thanks Dan Wynia and team! :), they promoted on air and there was overwhelming response. Over 30,000 cards, candy, little teady bears all came in, so much so that the churches have dove in and helped give them out this week along with KTIS to elementary schools, day cares etc. in the Minneapolis area! PRAISE GOD! Finally we went into Fargo, and there it was Churches-United homeless shelter. That night people brought food for them and was absolutely amazing again!!! MAN! Sorry, just so amazing what God can do when His people unite and help encourage each other. We so often get so caught up in what we are doing, that we forget about the world around us. And a HUGEEEEEE thank you to the volunteers from speakinglouderministries that came out and helped with each show. We cannot do without you guys. Was such a blessing meeting all of them. Anyways guys, I am so excited about this new season!!!!!!
Love you guys!
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