Jeremy Camp

POSTED: 01/05/09

2009 and Beyond!

Hello good people of the world.....Matt here, not Jeremy. Wanted to give you a little J camp update. Jeremy and Fam headed on a 20+ Hour flight ONE WAY to South Africa to see Adie's family a couple days ago. I am proud to write that they all arrived in one piece! Its summer time over there so as we all sit in the cold and rain/snow here in the USA just remember our good friends over getting tans in January :)

Wanted to write a HUGE thank you on behalf of everyone here in Jeremy Camp land, you guys have shown a really really big response to the new album. The responses back have been great, is soooo great to see God really use these songs to speak to His people. We are blessed to be a part of it all.
I will fill you in this week on some things going on that we are excited to see happen. Until then be well my friends.
Matty B
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